Snake charming

Photo 06-07-2013 12 42 58 Photo 06-07-2013 12 44 14 Photo 06-07-2013 12 45 01A couple of birthdays ago the lovely lot at where I work bought me this beautiful snake bracelet from Stella & Dot.

And it dawned on me this week that I do not wear it enough. It sits in the pretty box it came in and rarely sees the light of day. And that just doesn’t seem right. So I am determined to change this and make sure it sits out on my chest of drawers so I see it more often and therefore wear it more often.

It is such a delicate little bracelet with a snake at either end but the great thing about it is whilst it looks dainty it really does add something when worn. I don’t know whether it is the gemstone adorning the head of each snake or whether it is the fact you can wear it around your wrist or push it a little further up your arm but whenever I do wear it it always works!

Amazingly Stella & Dot still have it in stock which just proves how versatile and fantastic it is – you can order it here.

So this is my public declaration that I am going to wear this beautiful gift more often and who knows maybe if I can charm this bracelet I will be able to charm many others!


Ring a ring

IMG_20130510_074616 IMG_20130510_074654New rings to share with you – collection from Boots and Accesorize apart from the diamond band above which is my mother’s engagement ring.

Wrapped up…

Today I am wearing my khaki jeans from Zara, a cream lace dress from Topshop, my comfy black wedge boots, a leather jacket from Zara and big scarf from Zara.

Thursday’s Outfit

Jewellery wise I am wearing a small statement necklace (if there is such a thing) from Accessorize!

The dress..

Second day old hair has resulted in two small braids forming a headband which keep my fringe that I am growing out away from my face!

The braids…

Three things…

Every girl has accessories that they wear every day – items that may have sentimental value or simply complete any outfit. Whatever the reason behind them; when you forget to put them on in the morning you feel like you are walking around without a limb!

My wear anywhere items of jewellery consist of my Michael Kors watch, Oliver Bonas horsehoe charm bracelet and my evil eye charm bracelet that I have had so long I can’t even remember where I got it. These three items I am rarely seen without as they make me feel complete.

My wear anywhere…

I also have a necklace that I picked up from Spitafield’s market that is a ‘love’ charm to which I have added a ring from my mother. Whenever I wear it I feel like I am wearing something from my past combined with a lot of love!

I love how certain items of jewellery can take you somewhere incrediably special whilst others are a safety net in which you would rather not be without…