Photo 25-07-2013 07 39 04 (1) Photo 25-07-2013 07 41 19 (1) Photo 25-07-2013 07 41 19 Photo 25-07-2013 07 42 06 (1) Photo 25-07-2013 07 42 06 (3) Photo 25-07-2013 07 42 24 (2) Photo 25-07-2013 07 42 24 (3) Photo 25-07-2013 07 42 24Looking back over the last couple of days I have come to realise that I own and wear a lot of blue. I mean A LOT!

There are certain colours that I am drawn to over again and bright, jewel tones are top of the list. I love greens, purples, blues, pinks – the list is endless. It may be because these tones tend to flatter my skin tone whether I have a tan or not but they look even better when I have a little colour.

Today I am wearing a maxi skirt from Dorothy Perkins, vest top from H&M and gold jelly shoes from Primark.

The shoes are a little silly but when I saw them I was instantly taken back to when I was about 5 or 6, on holiday and wearing my pink, glittery jelly shoes on the beach.

I have a flower headband in my hair and must say I am rather impressed (and surprised) at how easy this hair style was – especially as my hair should really have been washed today!


Sail away

Photo 11-07-2013 07 11 10 (1) Photo 11-07-2013 07 11 10 (2) Photo 11-07-2013 07 11 10 (3) Photo 11-07-2013 07 11 28 Photo 11-07-2013 07 11 44 Photo 11-07-2013 07 12 01 Photo 11-07-2013 07 14 00 Photo 11-07-2013 07 13 32 Photo 11-07-2013 07 13 32 (1) Photo 11-07-2013 07 14 27

The clouds have rolled in but it is still balmy and I have been assured the sun will be out this afternoon!

I love maxi’s – they are just so easy to pull on and wear. Not much thought needed and you have a complete outfit.

I picked up this maxi from an outlet in New Look years ago. It is really sweet as it has sail boats and a rope neck tie detail! Perfect for sailing (or an office in Clapham!)

Accessories include my Michael Kors watch, evil eye bracelet and love necklace.

Beachy hair and braids complete the look!

Laser leather

Photo 06-07-2013 09 39 31 Photo 06-07-2013 12 39 17 Photo 06-07-2013 12 38 00 Photo 06-07-2013 12 35 55 Photo 06-07-2013 09 48 32 Photo 06-07-2013 09 39 01

Welcome Summer!

It has been a long time coming but it would appear the UK is experiencing Summer and it is set to stick around for the next couple of weeks. Hurrah!

As it is so hot I, like many others, have dusted off the denim shorts and remembered what my legs look like!

The shorts in question are a pair I picked up from Oliver Bonas last year. I loved them back then because they were loose and casual and the design meant the pockets hung down lower than the short cuff. I still love them now although they are a little looser than they were last year. Whenever I try something on now that no longer fits it does make me wonder what size I really was as up until recently I never thought of myself of being big…

Anyways I digress – I have teamed these fabulous shorts with a Zara tee. But not just any tee, no this is a faux leather one which has fantastic laser cut out details on the front and a sheer back. I found this gem in the sale at the beginning of the year and thought it was a great black t-shirt to add to my wardrobe as it is a nod to the laser leather trend that was really big in Spring. Sunglasses are classic Ray Bans.

I have also gone for another braided look with a fishtail braid as it keeps my hair away from my face and neck.

Feeling braidy

Yesterday was glorious and as I was intending on spending the day in the garden I wanted to keep my hair up and out of the way.

So I went for the fail safe option of braids.

I started by French braiding both sides of my hair and then wrapped the plaits around the base of my neck to create a bun at the back. It looks a little flat in the pictures here as I had been lying out all day! image imageimageSuper easy and quick and I love how it loosens as the day goes on and gets more relaxed!