Topping up my tan

At Bondi Beach of course!

So after exploring the surrounding coastline at the weekend I was determined to head back to Bondi to enjoy the beach itself.

I was up nice and early to grab a lift to the beach as it isn’t the easiest place to get to from the centre of Sydney. After yesterday’s weather I was hoping it was stay sunny and not too windy and thankfully I was in luck.

I picked my spot for the morning and soaked up my surroundings as well as the glorious sun.

image image image image image

Bondi is a very popular beach and it started to fill up pretty quickly. There were a lot of people surfing as well – I guess the light wind was making for some good conditions (I have no idea about surfing so thats a guess ha!)

After a couple of hours my stomach started to growl so I decided to check out a place for lunch that had come recommended. Enter Beach Burrito Company – a tiny place up the far end of the beach where they serve fantastic Mexican food. I had a chicken burrito which was delish and I think I could of happily stayed there all afternoon drinking frozen margaritas and eating fantastic food. It looked like a really cool place and I would definitely head back there again!

image image image image

However the beach was calling so there I headed for the rest of the afternoon….


Breakfast and Bondi

So I am currently lay in bed after a glorious day spent in and around Bondi beach.

We started the day with an epic breakfast (the best way to start any day in my opinion) of blueberry pancakes, fruit salad and avocado on toast. It was delicious and exactly what I needed ahead of the day planned, for we were going to walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach and back.

image image image

This 6km walk goes along  the cliff top and offers stunning views of the coastal bays between Bondi and Coogee.  You go through Tamarama, Bronte and Clovely finally ending up at Coogee. It is not for the faint hearted as it featured quite a number of steps and hills but it was rewarding reaching the end and having a watermelon and mint juice to refresh and rehydrate. And then it was all about heading back to Bondi to meet some friends.


Some wise words on the beach front at Bondi. Worth remembering from time to time…


Marina Bay-ing

Lunch today was at Marina Bay at The Pelican sat opposite the unique Marina Bay Sands casino.


I had a citrus ice tea, cobbler salad and the most delicious brioche crab toast whilst taking in the view of the bay. Perfection.


I also wandered up to Merlion Park which is a popular destination for tourists. It features the Merlion statue; a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a dish. The Merlion is well known as the mascot of Singapore.


Going to a food circus

First night in Singapore and my lovely host David took me to Newton Circus for dinner.

image image

Newton Circus is an outdoor market where lots of individual vendors sell different dishes. Originally the vendors used to sell their dishes off the front of push bikes but eventually the government made a more formal set up in purpose-built units with water, gas and electricity. They all face inwards to a seating area where everyone sits and enjoy their dishes.

Newton Circus is one of the oldest and most popular and it certainly was very busy. Apparently the vendors do so well that their children are in English boarding schools!

The food was delicious – we had chicken and beef satay, crispy squid (which tasted like pork scratchings!) I didn’t look too closely as it still had they eyes! We also had the largest king prawn I have ever seen! It was cooked with just lime and garlic but it was delicious! We also had a chicken mustack (I am sure I haven’t spelt that right) which is a chicken and onion pancake.

image image image image

I also had a sugar cane syrup drink which was really nice although I couldn’t really tell you what the flavour was.

Perfect way to start my adventure!

I’m wearing a Limited Edition dress from M&S which has a really sweet frilled bottom which you can’t see in this picture. I am really loving M&S right now – they are getting it so right!