Meeting Harry

My little brother has gone and got himself a little Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel puppy and I finally got to meet him today.

He is 13 weeks old and the most adorable little puppy I have met – so playful and affectionate – I’m in love! Slightly bittersweet as probably the next time I see him he will be fully grown but I am very glad I have had time with him whilst he is a so teeny.

Photo 08-09-2013 14 47 12 Photo 08-09-2013 12 31 33 Photo 08-09-2013 12 42 50As is also the norm at my Dad’s house we had one of Dot’s epic Sunday dinners – she never fails to disappoint and as it will be my last Sunday roast I am glad we went out in such style.

Photo 08-09-2013 13 32 58 Photo 08-09-2013 13 33 34 Photo 08-09-2013 14 15 08A perfect Sunday with family and great food – hope you are all having a great weekend!