In my favourite spot

There are many beautiful spots in and around Sydney but I want to share with you one of my favourites which is fortunately only a 10 minute walk from where I am staying.

I stumbled across it almost by accident a few weeks ago; a friend had mentioned a local reserve that I should check out so one sunny day I headed out to try and find it.

I had been walking for a while and hadn’t found anything when I saw a sign for the Cremorne Reserve so decided to try my luck and follow the signs.

And boy am I glad I did!

As you stroll along the path you are surrounded by beautiful vegetation that allows you to glimpse the most darling little bay. With numerous boats calmly bobbing up and down and the water sparkling in the most delightful manner I couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure at this beautiful new place I had discovered.

image image image image image image image

Keep walking and if you are anything like me you get to gaze lustfully at the stunning houses that overlook the bay.

image image image

And I have yet to dip my toes in that natural swimming pool but I will certainly do so before the summer is out. How sweet is it nestled into the rocks?!


Then finally you turn a corner and you are greeted with this view….

image image image

I couldn’t contain my joy to have found this little spot that allows me to gaze at two of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney whilst listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping at my feet.

image image image

For me there is something so soothing and calming about being near water and I find I do some of my best thinking when I am near it.

So once I had discovered this view I simply picked a rock, took a sit and watch the world go by. And by that I mean boats, yachts and ferries that whiz between various points in the harbour.

This has truly become one of my favourite spots in Sydney, mainly because it feels like your own private garden. It makes me feel very lucky to be in this fantastic city and to be able to find and enjoy places like this reserve.


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