Now I have never been much of a make up fan as truthfully I never really feel like I know what I am doing. So I don’t tend to get excited about purchasing make up although I wish I did.

That said somehow I found myself pausing at the make up in Topshop and before I knew it I had walked out with two new products.

The first is this gorgeous trio of eye shadows called Atmosphere which features a gold, a soft moss-green and an aubergine. The pigmentation of each of these colours is really good and they work well on their own or blended together. They have a nice shimmer to them and tend to blend really well to create a nice, even finish. The aubergine colour really makes my eyes pop and I love using the gold in the corner of my eyes to lift them. All in all a really great product which I have used every day since I bought it.

image image image image

The second item I picked up is this lipstick called Saint which is a really beautiful nude colour. It is really creamy and makes my lips look really glossy. The colour works well as I have a tan at the moment but I do think it will work even when I don’t. I never used to wear lipstick but now it’s all I wear. I love how the right shade can pull a whole look together.

image image image

I also picked up a tube of Paw Paw lip balm as everyone raves about it. Apparently it is like the Australian version of Carmex and works wonders for your lips! Very excited to try it!!

image image


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