Tasting vino

So this is a little late in the day but I have been busy with work at my new job (more on that later) and with moving to my new home (for the next couple of months anyway) so have been abandoning my blog which is terrible I know.

I am determined to get back on track so what better way to start than with a nice little post about my recent trip to the a Hunter Valley aka wine country.

Me and Chantelle had the car for the weekend and despite the slight threat of the nearby bush fires decided to head over and spend the weekend enjoying the sights and more importantly tastes of the Hunters.

It was so nice leaving behind the business of the city and heading out into proper Australian countryside. We obviously took the obligatory car selfies!

image image image

The beauty of the Hunter Valley is you can stop at as many or as little wineries as you fancy – we decided to pick the smaller, independent vineyards and I am so glad we did as we got more one on one time with owners and a much more personal experience.

We obviously tried to get to as many places as possible during our short stay and I wanted to show the highlights a photo diary below!


My favourite by far was Krinklewood – just look at this place! I could happily get married here although unfortunately the only person allowed to is the owners daughter 😦

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

I even managed to spot my first kangaroo whilst we were enjoying a delightful bottle of sparkling from out balcony. Can life get any better?



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