Topping up my tan

At Bondi Beach of course!

So after exploring the surrounding coastline at the weekend I was determined to head back to Bondi to enjoy the beach itself.

I was up nice and early to grab a lift to the beach as it isn’t the easiest place to get to from the centre of Sydney. After yesterday’s weather I was hoping it was stay sunny and not too windy and thankfully I was in luck.

I picked my spot for the morning and soaked up my surroundings as well as the glorious sun.

image image image image image

Bondi is a very popular beach and it started to fill up pretty quickly. There were a lot of people surfing as well – I guess the light wind was making for some good conditions (I have no idea about surfing so thats a guess ha!)

After a couple of hours my stomach started to growl so I decided to check out a place for lunch that had come recommended. Enter Beach Burrito Company – a tiny place up the far end of the beach where they serve fantastic Mexican food. I had a chicken burrito which was delish and I think I could of happily stayed there all afternoon drinking frozen margaritas and eating fantastic food. It looked like a really cool place and I would definitely head back there again!

image image image image

However the beach was calling so there I headed for the rest of the afternoon….


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