Opera, museum and green, green grass

Today was my first full day as a tourist and I had a full day ahead of me so apologies for this mammoth post.

Firstly I stopped by the Queen Victoria Building, a late nineteenth century building designed by Geogre McRae. It was designed as shopping centre and was named to commerate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 1897. I really loved the stained glass detailing, giant clock and the unique retailers.

image image

The antique jewellery and artisan chocolate were particularly difficult to walk away from!


From here I headed over to one of the most iconic landmarks in Sunder – the Sydney Opera House. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting as I have seen so many pictures before but what I will say is it seems smaller than I thought.


There was a large cruise liner that had pulled into the harbour – I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be travelling around in something that large.


The harbour bridge looked pretty spectacular, especially with the water glistening underneath. One thing is have noticed is how the water glitters and shines, it really is mesmerising.


After spending some time soaking up the sunshine on the steps of the Opera House I wandered over to the Botanical Gardens and spent some time strolling around the stunning grounds overlooking the water.


I was hoping to go into Government House but the Governor was in so I was only able to look round the gardens. However they are pretty special, especially that view over the Opera House.



From here I headed to the Australian Museum but I will save that for another post!


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