Going to a food circus

First night in Singapore and my lovely host David took me to Newton Circus for dinner.

image image

Newton Circus is an outdoor market where lots of individual vendors sell different dishes. Originally the vendors used to sell their dishes off the front of push bikes but eventually the government made a more formal set up in purpose-built units with water, gas and electricity. They all face inwards to a seating area where everyone sits and enjoy their dishes.

Newton Circus is one of the oldest and most popular and it certainly was very busy. Apparently the vendors do so well that their children are in English boarding schools!

The food was delicious – we had chicken and beef satay, crispy squid (which tasted like pork scratchings!) I didn’t look too closely as it still had they eyes! We also had the largest king prawn I have ever seen! It was cooked with just lime and garlic but it was delicious! We also had a chicken mustack (I am sure I haven’t spelt that right) which is a chicken and onion pancake.

image image image image

I also had a sugar cane syrup drink which was really nice although I couldn’t really tell you what the flavour was.

Perfect way to start my adventure!

I’m wearing a Limited Edition dress from M&S which has a really sweet frilled bottom which you can’t see in this picture. I am really loving M&S right now – they are getting it so right!


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