Singing along

At Bunga Bunga that is.

For my last day at work the girls arranged for us all to go to Bunga Bunga for a good old sing a long with Thursday night ‘Drag-aoke’

Hosted by the fabulous ‘John’ we sat and ate our way through the most amazing pizza – it was so delicious and I love it when you sit with your friends and share such good food.


After several cocktails I plucked up the courage to head on stage for a song, dragging along two ‘willing’ friends! As you will see from the pictures I didn’t spend that much time with the mic – Nick was all over that and loving it!


However we were out sung by dearest Anna which resulted in her taking the championship cocktail!


Following my humiliation there was nothing else for it but to dance the night away to old classics and with fantastic company. When the time came for us to move on, we headed over to 151 for even more dancing until the early hours.


image image imageThe next day I was feeling extremely delicate but I think it was worth it as I had a truly spectacular send off!

Going to miss not seeing these faces every day but I’ll be seeing you all soon xx

What I was wearing – sequin skirt from ASOS, shirt from Sainsburys and hat from Bunga Bunga.

Photo credit to Sheena Patel and Bunga Bunga – thanks both!


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