Laser cut

Photo 04-09-2013 07 46 59 (1) Photo 04-09-2013 07 46 28 (1) Photo 04-09-2013 07 46 12 Photo 04-09-2013 07 46 12 (1) So I am finally back in the office and it is so nice to be able to wear normal, girly clothes again. When you are working on an event site you spend most of your time in casual and comfy clothing that you don’t mind getting covered in paint and dirt so it is always amazing to be able to get back into your normal clothes.

That said I did rock some sequin shorts one day as it was my last event for the company I am working for.

Anyways yesterday I was wearing a blue layered skirt from H&M and a faux leather laser cut tee from Zara. I get so many compliments about this tee and the fact that I picked it up in the sale at the beginning of the year just makes it an even better purchase.

I really love the way it combines sheer fabric with the tougher leather look and the laser cut out detailing makes it feel fresh and more than just a plain black tee.

Also apologies about the photo quality – what with my phone dying and my digital camera in a box at home I am having to rely on my iPad which really isn’t delivering


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