Going down under

Hello – are you still there? I’m back…..

So the last month has been super crazy for me with work and life and therefore this lil’ old blog has had to take a back seat whilst I make some pretty important decisions.

The good news (I hope) is that I am back and ready to continue with the documentation of my daily outfits, purchases and anything else that comes up.

The even greater news is that, very soon, I will be doing this in a different country.

That’s right kids – from the end of September I will be blogging my way around that big old place called Australia!

I am so excited to be going somewhere new as I haven’t really travelled much apart from holidays and the best thing is (or stupidest!) I don’t really have a plan! I have a ticket, a suitcase (not packed – or even thought about being packed) and a Lonely Planet guide.

So I have less than 4 weeks in the UK and I will continue to share my outfits, although I have a limited wardrobe now due to having to move a lot of it back home, and then we can get started on the next crazy part of the adventure.

If anyone has any tips or places that I must visit then please let me know as I really haven’t done any research yet – eek!


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