Slogan tee and glitter shorts

Photo 23-07-2013 07 53 01 (1) Photo 23-07-2013 07 53 33 (3)When I spotted these sequined shorts in Zara I knew I had to have them even though I had no idea how or when I would wear them!

I knew it would have to be a casual style as these shorts are quite OTT so I have decided to pair them with a slogan tee (Primark) and my Nike trainers.

Cool, casual and a little bit too much!

You may spot that I was so excited by the sequins that I forgot to put the shoes on before taking the pictures!!


2 thoughts on “Slogan tee and glitter shorts

  1. Elli Agars says:

    Haha love the t-shirt! Zara is awesome for surprise finds like these, just got myself a sequinned skirt which i am really excited to wear! thanks for the inspiration x x

    • sweet4ellie says:

      I am addicted to Zara – there are some days where that is all I am wearing! Make sure you share your outfit with the sequined skirt – would love to see how you styled it x

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