Soaking up sunshine

Hello! I’m back!

I know I have been a rubbish blogger as of late and for that I can only apologise.

What with my phone giving up the ghost and a personal family matter that has taken me back home I haven’t really been focusing on Today I will mostly be.

But after taking some time off at home I am feeling back on track and ready to get back into the swing of things. I have already posted about my new LDD which I am loving. I wore it tonight for early supper and kept it casual and relaxed. Perfect dress for a summer evening!

Anyway back to today – I’m currently in Norwich and enjoying this glorious weather, summer has finally arrived! Love spending time with my mama and I’m even more fortunate as my nan is over from France. Girls holiday yay!image image

As I am technically on holiday I haven’t been as strict about my diet and exercise regime although I am trying not to go too mad! However this morning I couldn’t resist some warm pain au chocolate and summer berries for my breakfast!

imageThe rest of the day has been spent soaking up the sun, reading and catching up on my fellow bloggers! imageimage

Swimsuit is from Sainsburys – I’m all about sailor chic!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday evening! I’m looking forward to posting regularly again as I have missed sharing my day to day tales with you all!


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