Snacking healthly

On my way home from work tonight I popped into Whole Foods and picked up a few healthy snacks to keep me going.

Since cleaning up my diet the one thing I have found the hardest is the snacking – I used to love nothing more than devouring a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate whilst watching tv or whilst at work. Mindless snacking is my worst enemy and I find it especially hard when the office is full of all my favourite indulgent treats such as Malteasers and chocolate cookies.

Now I am not perfect all the time and sometimes I have a cookie or a handful of Malteasers but on the whole I have discovered a range of healthy snacks that I keep to hand which I find help keep me from digging into the calorie laden, artificial treats!

So when in Whole Foods tonight I picked up a box of Ryvita Multi Seed Thins. I love these tasty savoury treats as they are made from natural ingredients and have a great crunch so really help when I want something crisp like. I quite like eating them on their own but they are even better with a dip of some sort – like homemade guacamole or tzatiki. But be warned they are dangerously moreish!

I also picked up a packet of TriColour Quinoa which I am super excited to try! I’ll make sure to do a recipe post once I have tried them!

Photo 26-06-2013 19 43 27

I also grabbed a carton of Vita Coco Coconut Water with Peach & Mango. I love this drink and as I was planning on going for a run I grabbed one to rehydrate later.

Photo 26-06-2013 20 08 57

I have always drunk a lot of water but even I get bored with it sometimes. I have found coconut water a great alternative especially if I am in need of a pick me up! Gone are the days of turning to energy drinks – coconut water is a natural source of potassium and is a clear, electrolyte rich liquid from inside younger coconuts containing zero fat and zero cholesterol so an excellent source of natural energy.

Finally I love snacking on fresh fruit so I also grabbed a pot of pre-prepared pineapple (tongue twister!) Whenever I am wanting something sweet I turn to fruit; fresh, baked or dried and I tend to find it satisfies my craving.

Photo 26-06-2013 20 14 12

That said sometimes you just want a bite of chocolate so I have really gotten into dark chocolate. A couple of squares now and then is great plus as it is a richer flavour you find you don’t need as much!

Happy snacking everyone!


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