Neon and denim

IMG_20130614_080646 IMG_20130614_080720 IMG_20130614_080753

Happy Friday everyone!

I have never been so pleased to see the end of the work week; the summer season is really kicking off for us so things are getting busy. Plus we are all going out for drinks tonight so another reason to be counting down the hours until work finishes!

Today I am wearing a neon patterned skirt that I picked up from Topshop in the sales for about £15. I love this skirt; I was drawn to the colour and pattern, but I must confess I always struggle with what to wear it with. In the past I have gone with a simple white tee tucked in but truth be told I think what it really needs is a casual crop tee as it sits nicely on my waist.

However I do not own said crop tee so I have teamed it with double denim – denim shirt from Primark and a denim jacket also from Topshop.

I think it works but I may spend this weekend hunting for a casual crop so that I can take this fabulous skirt to the next level!

On a side note my phone is broken hence the lack of photos over the last couple of weeks. Also on my errand list for this weekend is to get a new one…


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