Leopard, stripes and chia seeds

IMG_20130613_073045 IMG_20130613_073128 IMG_20130613_083121I can’t believe I am back in tights in June! The UK never ceases to amaze when it comes to our weather!

But in the spirit of it being Summer I have gone with shorts (plus it is rather muggy so don’t need the layers) from H&M, a striped tee from Zara and my leopard print coat also from H&M.

Thought I would also share what I had for my breakfast this morning as it was packed full with super antioxidants and yummy nutrients!

IMG_20130613_083015I had a bowl full of Rude Health puffed rice (plain and a small helping of their honey variety), banana, raspberries, leftover blueberries, almond milk, goji berries, sliced almonds and coconut. I also included a spoonful of chia seeds.

Chia seeds are the ‘new’ superfood and rightly so. They contain:

  • 5 times the amount of calcium that milk has
  • 3 times the amount of antioxidants that blueberries have
  • 3 times the amount of iron in spinach
  • 2 times the amount of fiber in oatmeal
  • 2 times the amount of protein of any other bean, seed or grain
  • 2 times the amount of potassium in a banana*these facts are all relative to 2 TBSP of chia seeds

They don’t really have a flavour so you can add them to practically anything. I like to sprinkle them over my breakfast; they soak up the almond milk and expand which means they fill you up for longer, mix them into my lunch – you can sprinkle on salads, soups, anything really and add them into my yoghurt pots.

And to top it all off they are gluten free, vegan friendly and are packed full of omega 3 fats, antioxidants and fibre!

I picked up a packet for about £8 for my local health food shop and they last ages – I bought mine about a month ago and I’m about half way through the pack. You can also get them on Amazon here

I would definitely recommend picking up a pack if you can as these litle grains of wonder will only add great things into your life.

Special thanks to Madeleine Shaw whose website is my bible and where I first heard about chia seeds – find her here


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