Extremely apologetic…

For my lack of posts that is.

I don’t seem to really have any excuse – work has become quite busy and the weather has thrown my mood so much so that it is an effort to get out of bed let alone figure out what to wear and then document it.

However neither of those are real excuses so as of right now I am back on track!

I thought I would do a whirlwind recap of the last couple of days outfits and then start a proper from tomorrow.

IMG_20130525_100339Sunny Saturday in Zara knit and coat – sunglasses were from River Island but they literally broke that day 😦

IMG_20130525_223026Pop of pink courtesy of Rimmel – the surprise here was that this nail polish is scented and had a pleasant aroma of strawberries!

IMG_20130526_150149 IMG_20130526_150243Sunday drinks for a friends 30th – Zara top which I borrowed from my housemate. I am in love with this top; it is so simple in design but so effective in reality. The subtle puffed sleeves and the longer length are extremely flattering and the material is slightly thicker than a tee but not as thick as jumper so it keeps its shape well. Jeans are also Zara and are no longer fitting me ((woo hoo)(more on this later)) and the fabulous pink wedges are from Topshop. I do love that we are slowly starting to bear more skin although not so much today!

IMG_20130529_074413 IMG_20130529_074459Casual day yesterday as I was meant to be spending quite a bit of it outdoors but it got rained off. Zara jeans, unknown checked shirt and khaki jacket from Topshop. Felt a little like a cowgirl yesterday and as several of my friends commented I think I looked a little like one too!

IMG_20130530_083853 IMG_20130530_084001 IMG_20130530_084044Today I ran out of the door and totally forgot to take a picture of my outfit so my darling friend Philly (whose blog I have already told you about here) kindly snapped a few pics for me at work.

I am wearing a lace skirt from H&M underneath a striped dress from Topshop (which is a million years old!) and my Whistles boots which I had mentally packed away but as the weather has turned again they are coming into their element.

So there you have it – this is what I have been up to over the last couple of days.

As I mentioned my jeans are now too big for me πŸ™‚ so I will be doing a seperate post on what I have been getting up to as I have been overhauling my life in a very positive way!

Anyways I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and sorry for being MIA xx


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