Red jeans

IMG_20130517_075321 IMG_20130517_075405 IMG_20130517_075457 IMG_20130517_075533 IMG_20130517_075608

I am feeling extremely delicate this morning – friends engagement drinks last night ending with Amaretto Sours…need I say more.

However I am off out tonight to see The Black Cat Cabaret at Cafe de Paris so need to perk up for that!

I am wearing my red jeans from Sainsburys – I saw these from a distance, loved the colour but loved the subtle pattern more. Also the fit is really great – they sit nice and high on the waist and are a good length which means I don’t need to turn them up. I hate having all that excess fabric bunched at the ankles.

Because of the pattern I have gone for simple basics – a white tee and leather jacket both from Zara.

The heels are also from Zara, I am really into the simple strappy sandle at the moment and could happily purchase this style in various colours if only my bank balance would allow me!

Hope you are all having a great Friday!! x


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