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Happy Friday everyone!

Today I am wearing a grey jersey dress from Primark teamed with my floral jacket from River Island. But that isn’t the main attraction – no the main attraction of this outfit are the shoes.

Now I don’t like to play favourites with shoes but these really are in my Top 3. I bought them in the January sales after falling in love with them online at Topshop and I am so glad I did.

I love the style – it is tough enough to instantly add edge to an outfit but the purple stones help retain the feminine factor.  They are pretty comfortable too – I can normally manage about 3-4 hours standing and dancing before they start to ache which is pretty good going!

Tonight I am heading to a besties birthday bash so these will suitably glam up the rest of my outfit!

P.S Book of Mormon was absolutely fantastic – I have never laughed out loud so much! Would highly recommend it to anyone who is able to get tickets – I believe it is pretty sold out!


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