Shades of blue

IMG_20130503_073645 IMG_20130503_073720 IMG_20130503_073800 IMG_20130503_073834

Little bit late on posting this one but here’s Friday’s outfit.

I have been loving all the posts from my favourite bloggers where they pick one colour and wear it head to toe but have never felt brave enough myself to do it.

However on Friday I plucked up the courage and went all out in one of my favourite colours – blue.

I wore pretty much H&M throughout with my trousers and top both being from there but I added a splash of bold colour with my Primark shoes.

Which turn out to be one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn! All for £15 – result!

The jacket is from Zara and such a staple item – great as an added layer but also the perfect slouchy leather jacket.

We are having a glorious long weekend with my housemates birthday BBQ yesterday. I didn’t get time to take a picture of my outfit but I wore my floral jacket from H&M which you can just about see in the picture. Hope you are all having great, sunny weekends!

photo (3)


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