A little green

IMG_20130426_080108 IMG_20130426_080208 IMG_20130426_080243 IMG_20130426_080312

Well Spring is over as the rain came rolling in late last night and appears to be here to stay…

That said, whilst it is cooler than it has been this week, it still isn’t cold which is nice.

I am wearing black jeans (that are really faded now) from Gap, white shirt from Sainsburys and a sage green jacket from Mango. Tan loafers from River Island complete the look.

This jacket was an absolute bargain at around £30 from Mango a couple of months ago and whilst I haven’t worn it that much I do look at it every week and think I must wear that!

So here I am – wearing it! The gold chain detail is a really nice touch and it does remind me of Chanel whenever I wear it. I think it instantly smartens an outfit and pulls somewhat basic items together effortlessly.

Thank goodness it is Friday – this week does seemed to have gone on a little too long!

Hope you all have fabulous plans for the weekend! x


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