Layering lace

IMG_20130410_082442 IMG_20130410_082526 IMG_20130410_082601 IMG_20130410_082630 IMG_20130410_082716Mid-week outfit post – still feeling rather Spring like so have gone for a classic combo of pretty lace layered under a more chunky knit.

Lace skirt worn underneath jumper dress is from H&M whilst the dress is from Sainsburys. Shoes are my classic Zara boots that I have worn pretty much every other day since I bought them.

Have gone for a simple necklace that I really love. The hessian type necklace makes the bling seem more casual and whilst the image doesn’t really show it there are small flashes of neon which makes it super modern.

Really loving this outfit today – feel it is a great start to my Spring wardrobe!


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