Company Style Blogger Awards 2013


Company magazine have teamed up with New Look for their Style Blogger Awards 2013.

They’re asking their readers to nominate their favourite style blogs which will then be shortlisted before the voting commences.

The categories this year are:

– Best Personal Style Blog

– Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer, sponsored by New Look(blog must be less than a year old)

– Best Designed Blog

– Best Use of Photography

– Best Fashion Blog

– Best Fashion Blog – Newcomer

– Best Teen Fashion Blog (under 18)

– Best Blogging Duo

– Best Crafting Blog

– Best Thrifty Blog

It would be an absolute honour to even be shortlisted for any of the above categories and even more so because it comes from readers.

So if you enjoy reading my blog and think I tick the box for any of the above categories I would really, REALLY appreciate it if you could follow the link and nominate.

Muchos love and gratitude! xx


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