Seeing floral

So this morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30am to go meet my dear friend at New Covent Garden Market to help pick flowers for his birthday next week.

It was grey and wet so apart from dressing for warmth I decided to add a coral scarf from H&M to lift the mood. Jeans and coat from Zara, jumper from Primark and hat from New Look.

But back to the flowers. Not many people know that members of the public can go to the Flower Market and pick up flowers direct at wholesale prices. It is a vast warehouse filled with the most vibrant, beautiful flowers at such reasonable prices. You can pick up 50 tulips for about £18.

Worth a visit and definitely worth getting out of bed for!

Hope you’re all having good weekends!

Saturday's Outfit

Saturday’s Outfit





2 thoughts on “Seeing floral

  1. MC says:

    Beautiful flowers! I love tulips and spring when there’s all the colors out for sale and actually just got some light pink tulips today.

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