Rocking breton stripes and red heels…

Last night I was meeting my darling friend for belated birthday drinks and as I was waiting I popped into Gap to check out the last remains of their sale. And boy am I glad I did! I managed to pick up two striped jumpers (one grey and neon pink and the other classic navy and white) reduced from £35 down to £19.99 – result!

As I am always super excited by new purchases I couldn’t help but wear one of said jumpers today.

I am wearing my new striped jumper from Gap, a white shirt from Sainsbury’s and my denim jeans from Zara. On my feet I am wearing red heels from Primark. My forget-me-knot ring is the final flourish as well as straight hair!

Normally I just rough dry my hair and hope for the best but today I decided to straighten the ends to smarten the look up!

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s Outfit



The shoes

The shoes

Forget me knot

Forget me knot

Straight hair...

Straight hair…


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