Indulging in some retail therapy…

So after finally getting over the worst, I felt up to indulging in some light retail therapy with my housemates.

I didn’t end up getting too much but what I did get I thought I’d share with you!

I picked up this cute ‘dork’ tee from Primark for a bargain price of £4

Dork tee

Dork tee

For the mind, body and soul, I picked up my favourite body butter from The Sanctuary and a Sugar Crush body scrub from Soap & Glory which smells so delicious!

The Sanctuary Body Butter

The Sanctuary Body Butter

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush

Well actually both of them smell divine – The Sanctuary Body Butter is a smell that takes me back to my childhood as my mum has always used it and I remember sneaking to use it when she wasn’t looking!

The Sugar Crush scrub has an intoxicating scent the combines sweet lime, almond oil and brown sugar. I can’t wait to start using it!

The final item is not a purchase from today but they are new! Over the festive break I took full advantage of the sales and managed to get these suede animal print ankle boots from Clarks for the fab price of £24.99. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet and I’m going to have to wait until the snow disappears but I am extremely excited to style them into my daily wardrobe!

New shoes...

New shoes…

Walk on the wild side...

Walk on the wild side…


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