Sipping cocktails…

As mentioned earlier I was fortunate enough to go to The Savoy for a venue show round followed by delicious drinks in both the American bar and the Beaufort bar.

Ever since seeing the documentary on the refurbishment last year, The Savoy has been on my list of iconic London venues to visit.

As soon as you enter the lobby you are taking back to an era full of glamour, style and luxury. A Christmas tree took pride of place and there was an exciting buzz with guests, staff and tourists gliding through to other corners of the hotel.

We went to see the Charlie Chaplin suite which had the most stunning views across the river – New Year’s Eve would be fantastic there as you literally are opposite the London eye.

From here we saw the Lancaster ballroom which was simply exquisite – the most beautiful shade of blue with a gorgeous stage with royal blue draped curtains – such a magical space to hold a special event!

Finally we finished with a glass of bubbles in the Beaufort bar which literally sparkles as the walls are covered in real gold! We then made our way to the American bar to sample a signature cocktail – ‘Skyfall’ which takes it name from the latest Bond film. It was like a sweet orange explosion served in the most delicious cocktail glass. A perfect end to the evening.

Although a little pricey with a glass of champagne starting at £17 and the cocktails starting at £15 it is definitely worth a visit for a special occasion!

IMG_20121204_214305_resized IMG_20121205_141757_resized


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