Weekly round-up…

I have been MIA since last Friday and I don’t really have an excuse except that I have been holed up in Norwich since Wednesday with limited access to the internet. I have managed to steal a moment away from eating copious amounts of chocolate butter biscuits and watching re-runs of CSI to do my weekly round-up!

So here we go…

Monday’s Outfit

On Monday I wore my black biker boots from Clarks, my cream lace dress from Topshop and my owl jumper from M&S – I know this jumper is not the most flattering on me as it makes me look a lot wider but I can’t help but love it!

Monday's Outfit

Monday’s Outfit

Monday's details

Monday’s details

Tuesday’s Outfit

I went bold and wore my bright blue trousers from H&M and my animal print peplum from Tu @ Sainsburys – I finished the look with my black boots from Whistles.

Tuesday's Oufit

Tuesday’s Oufit



Wednesday’s Outfit

Wednesday was travel day so I kept it casual but added my new favourite thing! I wore jeans from Zara, a cream and silk jumper from H&M, necklace from Banana Republic, blue bobble hat from River Island and my khaki and gold sequinned jacket from Topshop. I couldn’t resist it – it makes me feel so shiny and sparkly when I wear it!

Wednesday's Outfit

Wednesday’s Outfit

Close up...

Close up…Details...Details…

Thursday’s Outfit

We went to Cromer which is on the east coast yesterday so many layers were called for. I wore jeans from Zara, grey vest top underneath a black button up top from Zara and then a coral knit from H&M. I finished it with my new favourite jacket and blue woolly hat.

Thursday's Outfit

Thursday’s Outfit

Friday’s Outfit

Today I am keeping it extremely casual as I don’t plan on venturing outdoors – I am going to catch up on life admin. I am wearing my Hollister tracksuit bottoms and my coral jumper from H&M. Socks are from Elle.

Friday's Outfit

Friday’s OutfitDetails...Details…

Have a warm and pleasant weekend x


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