Glad it’s Friday…

Quick catch up – this week has been super busy and coupled with being out every night I am very glad the weekend is upon us!

So yesterday was another day in the office and then drinks after work with the girls. I kept the outfit casual but dressed up a patterned tee with a bright blazer. I was pretty much sponsored by Zara yesterday as my whole outfit is from there! Jewellery wise I stuck to my trusty Michael Kors watch, my love necklace and a namesake necklace that my parents got me for my 16th birthday.

Thursday’s Outfit

The detail…

Today I am wearing my denim from Zara, a navy sequined tee from House of Fraser and a navy cardigan from H&M. I’ve got my Whistles boots on to add a bit of height!

Friday’s Outfit

The details….


5 thoughts on “Glad it’s Friday…

    • sweet4ellie says:

      I am sorry for the late reply I have been swamped!
      Thank you so much for your nomination I am going to get started on answering your questions!
      Loving your latest post and the blog…it’s really developing into a great read!
      Thanks again
      Ellie x

      • mandymint says:


        Oh no worries! I completely understand how that goes!
        You are most welcome (: Great! Thank you! I can’t wait to read your answers.

        Thank you so very much! You just made my day! You have such a lovely blog! (:

        You’re welcome. Thank YOU!


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