Basking in burlesque…

Yesterday I was very lucky to be invited to attend a showing of Forever Crazy in Southbank.

After work I found myself entering the sumptuous world of velvet, feathers and glitter which was truly magical. Housed in a beautiful Spiegel tent (if you haven’t seen one they are truly breathtaking) and set just back from the river the setting is decadent and lavish!

With hostesses serving you at your seat it is how I imagine the cabaret clubs to have been when they first opened. We had seats just to the left of the stage and just behind the Platinum ticket holders. As a Platinum ticket holder you get your own table in the centre of the venue with no viewing restrictions. I believe we were seated in Gold and whilst they views on the whole were good we were slightly restricted at points. I think the problem is all the seating is on one level so you will be really unfortunate if you are sat behind a tall person!

Anyway about the show. Having never seen cabaret before I don’t have anything to compare it to but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were roughly 10 individual performances in the show and each one was extremely tounge in cheek and fun! Kelly Brook had a starring role and I thought she did a great job – I really enjoyed watching her performances. I thought all the girls were incredible – totally made my feel guilty for munching on my mixed nuts – with their fantastic figures and stamina!

There were a couple of stand out performances for me – my favourite being the couple – featuring the only male in the line up and I do think the second act was better than first!

The show was cheeky, fun and at sometime surprising and coupled with the beautiful surroundings and the fabulous technology I think it is definitely worth a visit if you get time. They are only here until December so get in quick!


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