Time has slipped away from me this week so apologies for doubling up on posts!

Yesterday I had a *date* after work so I had to plan my outfit in advance. I wanted to keep things casual as it was our first meeting but also look like I had made an effort. So I decided to go for my orange shift dress from H&M, my black wedge boots (Primark) and a statement necklace from Zara. I did a soft curl in my hair and kept make-up natural.

Thursday’s Outfit


Today I am wearing all black…I woke late this morning and really couldn’t pick an outfit so stuck with a fail safe. The leggings with faux leather detail are from Sainsbury’s, black sweater top from Zara and a black waterfall blazer from H&M. I have brightened it up with my red slipper shoes and a gold chunky necklace.

Friday’s Outfit

Happy Friday everyone!


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