Eating cheese..

On Friday night myself and my housemates headed to Farringdon to have a little get together at Vivat Bacchus.

I had been rather excited about it as it boasts an excellent wine cellar and cheese room as well as live jazz at the weekends.

On arrival I was greeted by a warm, inviting space which has the kitchens on show as well as the cheese room hidden at the back, tempting you further into the restaurant. There is a small bar area where you can sit and have a drink whilst waiting for your ever late friends! I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc whilst I waited which was delicious – the perfect way to start the weekend!

Once we had all arrived, we were seated and the real fun started. The jazz band had begun their first set of the night and the music was just the right tempo for the start of the evening. Having looked at the menu I decided to go for the Pan Fried Scallops and Guacamole with Crispy Pancetta and Sauce Vierge. As a house we pretty much all picked the same apart from one who went for the Wild Board Terrine with Red Onion Chutney and Toasted Sourdough.

Starter of Pan Fried Scallops

Starter of Wild Boar Terrine

The starters were delicious – the scallops were cooked to perfection and it was a really unusual flavour combination with the guacamole. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough! The terrine looked great and judging by how quickly it was devoured is testament to the flavour.

For mains it was again just the two options that were picked; my housemates paired up and shared the beef fillet with all the trimings whilst I opted for a personal favourite of a Trio of Lincolnshire Sausages with Mash Potato and Red Onion Gravy. Mine was fantastic; the sausages were so incredibly tasty and the mash and gravy equalled the perfect comfort food for a cold winter’s night. The beef looked and tasted fantastic (I manged to persuade a kind housemate to give me a taste!) and the sharing board really added to the excitement – a perfect portion of chunky chips along with a variety of sauces. The table went considerably quiet as we all tucked in!

Main of Lincolshire Sausages

Main of Beef

I skipped dessert as I was saving myself for the cheese room, but my housemates indulged in the Mango Creme Brulee. I’m personally not a fan of creme brulee but the small mouthful I tasted was good. My housemates enjoyed it but weren’t as keen on the sorbet that was served with it.

Dessert – Mango Creme Brulee

Finally we moved on to the bit I had been waiting for – the Cheese Room! We went off in two small groups into a fantastically well stocked cheese cellar, which looked and smelt amazing! (Apologies the photo is so blurry – I think my excitement took over!)

Our cheese expert was brilliant, really well-informed and perfect at helping us pick our selection. We went for quite a mix in the end but my personal highlight was the goats cheese from Alex James’s farm – it was a perfect mix of intense flavour with the most divine creamy texture! Amazing – I could have had this course to myself!

The Cheese Room

The Cheese

By this point the band had picked up tempo and after indulging in some fantastic wine we were in high spirits!

All in all we were thoroughly impressed by the quality of food, the exceptional service and the delightful atmosphere! I would recommend paying a visit as I don’t think you will be disappointed!


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