Celebrating Halloween…

On Saturday we threw our annual Halloween party and it was a huge success.

Every year we pick a different theme for the fancy dress and dress the house accordingly – this year we went for twisted fairytales and re-created an enchanted forest setting.

For my costume I decided to go off on a bit of a tangent as I really wanted to be the Black Swan.

The Black Swan

I was quite crafty with this costume and had to prep it all before I went to France.

I started with buying a black corset and several tutus off Amazon which were actually very good quality considering how little I paid for them.

Then came a trip to our local craft shop which was an incredible experience – it was a treasure trove full to the brim with all manner of craft and fabrics. It was really difficult to only buy the bits I needed! I bought black feathers; some plain and some with a black glitter applied to them and then a clear headband so as to create my headpiece.

I glued lines of feathers onto the corset following the curve up and finishing at the top of the corset. For the headpiece I glued the sparkly feathers in rows allowing the tops to stick up and out so as the create a more 3D look.

I got some lacy tights from Primark and completed the outfit with black ballet pumps. I ran out of time as I did want to get some black ribbon to lace up my legs!

The make-up was a total fluke – I am not very skilled with applying make-up and decided not to test my skills by trying to replicate Natalie Portman’s look from the film so went with my own interpretation using a lot of midnight blue, black and glitter eye shadows.

I was actually really happy with how it all turned out and I now definitely less scared of crafting my own costumes in future.

Black Swan and Rapunzel

The above is me and my housemate – you can tell I never had ballet lessons when I was younger as I had no idea what pose to do!

Apologies about the pictures being blurry – all done with my camera phone and the lighting conditions were dim and moody!


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